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  1. Two Granite Monuments or Signs
  2. "Both have engraving on one side - were used as park name signs. Very heavy."
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Chain link fence "Approx 70' of 6' chain link fence.

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Just took it down March 1. All have been out of service for approx.

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No power is connected to cranes, and motors have been removed from gantry drive systems. University of Iowa Surplus, via GovDeals. This asset is now being sold AS IS. Loveland, OH, via GovDeals. Charlotte, NC, via GovDeals. The victims advised officers that a black female knocked on their door and asked to use the restroom at which point they allowed her to enter the room. Shortly after letting the black female into the room, two black males forced their way into the room, brandishing handguns and demanding money.

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Both black males were wearing masks and dark clothing. All three victims were from Charlotte, NC and staying at the hotel while working construction in the local area. At least one of the victims had previously seen the black female at the hotel and believed she had occupied a room there. There were no injuries resulting from this incident, although one victim stated one of the suspects attempted to fire the weapon, but it did not discharge.

If I was making a guess on that, I'd say likely to end up on eBay actually. Those parts wouldn't exactly be common, and are probably fine to take through security with a few extra inspections of course. Can anyone tell me where Car parts might go? E,g Holley carburettor from either Ohare or Lax airports.

Meredith GreenGlobalTravel on 06 June, I've never had anything confiscated by TSA; I attribute that to constantly checking the website when I'm preparing for a trip. Hi Golden. Not sure why that would be, as far as I know chocolate isn't exactly an item forbidden from the cabin? What's the story here? What is the reasoning behind confiscating a 12oz Hershey's Dark Chocolate Bar at the airport?

Two Granite Monuments or Signs

The surplus and confiscated goods auction site listing for Hawaii is added. Think this has been put online after the last time I expanded this list. I can't find anything for MA. Review Government Auctions - eBay & Amazon Sourcing for $$

I have sent a couple of emails to MA employees but I don't much faith in that. The surplus auctions aren't operated by airport, but by state. You want to look into the California auctions. Nothing is confiscated by the TSA coming into the country. Customs may if duty isn't going to be paid, but TSA only checks goods as it comes through security. Why do they confiscate wine after the flight coming into the U.

"Both have engraving on one side - were used as park name signs. Very heavy."

What is done to the wine after it is confiscated? Yes, there are the occasional instances of theft at security, but compared with those from checked luggage, they're unusual. Even then, it's mostly done by other passengers. Most of the items that you're mentioning aren't actually confiscated at the security gate.

Police car auctions charlotte nc | gistsaho

So they would never arrive in an auction under any circumstance. You're unfortunately correct in that most times there's no real investigative effort made when things are stolen at the airport. But that mirrors petty theft in most situations. It gets worse, an item stolen at an airport is likely to be quite far away in a few hours, if not even outside of the country, so tracking it is very challenging. Airport theft is an issue, but does not have much bearing on items confiscated by the TSA during security screening.

Experience Blowing Rock - Stay, Dine, Shop

All airport baggage personel and TSA staff at every airport are nothing but a theft ring. All of them profit from what they steal and no inquiries or investigations are ever actually conducted. The paperwork is just filed, with much laughter. Everything with real value, such as cameras, jewelry and electronics is smuggled out in the pockets of airport personnel on a daily basis. I doubt that these auctions have much to offer since it is the stuff that was deemed to worthless to steal by airport staff. They just busted a stewardess in Seattle who snagged a passenger's iPad. They tracked it to her home.

Maybe we need a vigilante group putting tracking devices in our cameras, x-boxes, etc. Makes you wonder why the cops don't use trackable "bait" items to shut down these vast theft rings. Over one million pieces of luggage were classified as "missing" and never located ever by the airlines last year. Think about that. Seems they have re-organized things yet again.

Puerto Rico does not seem to have a website for TSA or state surplus. It's probably likely they'll sell or give away confiscated items from here via charitable organizations. Josean Terron on 11 March, Much is donated, but a lot is also given over to individual states' surplus departments and auctioned. Also a whole lot of confiscated goods end up on eBay for the same reason.

Contract Administrator jobs in North Carolina

Further, not all airports actually have TSA as security, and other arrangements are in place. TSA is a federal agency not a state agency.. Most of the stuff is donated to non-profits. What they do with it is up to them. TSA does not sell stuff at state auctions. I don't think any of the 'surrendered' items are really all that dangerous, including things like knives. You won't get into the cockpit without either a crowbar or a gun Hi LS. They may have moved to selling the items on Ebay exclusively. That's becoming increasingly common and probably results in higher sales prices for the gov't.

I attend the Louisiana state auctions almost monthly and I have never found any of the items that would have been confiscated by the TSA, so there must be another place they auction them off? Maybe the state doesn't waste their time on selling these items, maybe the employee's enjoy the "LOOT". Please update or advise on how to get back my valuable confiscated item. I wasn't aware that the TSA sold all of the stuff it confiscated! That's cheap goods right there! My mom works for a cruise line, and they don't confiscate stuff, but people do tend to forget all kinds of things they bring on the ship, so every once in a while the company has a big flea market available to employees.

I find it funny when my mom comes home with watches and bracelets she wouldn't have otherwise bought. Georgia may have closed its stores, but moved to selling surplus via eBay, Public Surplus, and GovDeals instead. Probably much more useful than a storefront in the end. Minnesota and North Carolina state surplus links are both updated. S L Hubbard on 15 August, I can not find a site in Florida that disposes of the TSA Surplus stuff left behind by travelers at airports. Pleas help,. So for Utah I have looked all over the fleet web site that is posted to use but can not see where to go.

Am I missing something or not seeing the link? I would love to take part in the TSA shopping! Looks like Florida you can't purchase their items. Instead, they are donated to organizations. Oklahoma requires a password when you click on it. What is that all about? Can't get onto to the Oklahoma website you have listed without a login and password.

This stinks!!! Actually, looks like they've shut their entire website together with pretty much abandoning gov't in Minnesota. From the page:. Woo, some pretty strong opinions on the TSA there. Probably better not to express that during security. I've updated the link to be the main auction page. I just updated the link to the Alaska state surplus outcry auctions.