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This even means there's a slight risk in using delivery options - handing over your pile of cash in return for theirs is the safest route. Don't let it hold your cash for any longer than needed. Usually this isn't a problem, but on rare occasions it can be and there's little recourse.

Bureaux de change don't have to be authorised by the regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority FCA , because they are not viewed as providing a payment service - instead the business is simply seen as selling you goods foreign cash in the same way corner shops sell tins of baked beans we've lobbied for this to be changed. Most of the bureaux listed in the travel money tool are FCA authorised - but some are not. We explain what this means for you below.

Banks, building societies, the Post Office, and certain other public bodies can operate in this market without explicit authorisation, as the FCA already supervises them more closely for other aspects of their business. Indeed, these big trusted brands are probably a less risky option than a smaller bureau de change. That means they don't have to provide as much information to the FCA - so the FCA has less control and can't monitor the firm as closely. But, either way both registered and authorised bureaux must follow certain FCA rules such as how they provide services to their customers and having a formal complaints procedure.

We're not saying you shouldn't use bureaux that aren't FCA authorised. If you're just using the bureau to exchange a small amount of cash for your holiday relatively quickly, you should be fine. Remember, even if an FCA-authorised bureau went bust your money is still not protected. We spend a lot of time researching and deciding the bureaux that should go in the travel money tool.

This means that bureaux must have certain controls to prevent them being used for money laundering by criminals and terrorists. Though again, we stress, that still doesn't mean you have any protection from them going bust and we don't check for firms' solvency when we include them in results, it's just an automated list. You're a captive customer at an airport or ferry terminal, so you'll probably be lumbered with the worst rates possible.

If you must get it from the airport, pre-order for pick-up to get a better rate usually possible until four hours beforehand. Use the search on the left, selecting 'Airport pickup', and this will list the providers that allow you to do this. We have built this focused on travel money for holidays, not larger transactions. The warnings and info given here is tailored for that. If you are planning to change larger amounts it's important to be aware There's no protection system.

Tag: best euro exchange Norwich

If a bureau went bust while it was holding your money, you're unlikely to get that cash back, so the longer they have it, the bigger the risk. Find out more about bureau de change protection. There are cheaper ways to send money abroad. Bureaux are not necessarily the cheapest or safest way to do it. You'll be better opting for a specialist exchange broker who can offer the best rates on larger amounts.

Full info in the Sending Money Abroad guide. We provide the information below if you choose to continue, for the sake of rate comparison only Some smaller travel money delivery firms ask you to pay by cash, cheque or bank transfer rather than using a card for payment. Before you do this it's important to remember these companies don't have any form of compensation scheme. So if one of them goes bust with your cash, you're on your own.

Compare The Best Top 10 Euro Exchange Rates | Best Pound To Euro Rate

Yet when you make a payment by debit or credit card, you have more chance of getting your money back if the company you're paying goes bust, than just sending them the cash. Also, it's likely the currency provider will have your dough for a shorter period, decreasing any risk. While this is untested for travel money transactions, it at least means you have a potential secondary route your card provider to getting your money back. These rules apply. So if there's a problem or the company goes bust, you can still get your money back from your credit card provider.

This isn't the lender being nice, it's a legal protection. It's in place so that never in the position of paying debt for something you didn't receive or wasn't as it should've been. There is a worry 'cash' transactions aren't covered - the Ombudsman says it thinks foreign currency would be OK, but again it's important to understand that it hasn't been tested. However, it's also worth considering the extra costs you'll pay using a credit card to buy foreign currency, and deciding whether it's worth it.

You'll usually pay a fee to the retailer, a fee to the card provider, and cash withdrawal interest - which may not be worth it for an untested protection. For further information on these protections, and their limitations, plus how to make a claim through them, read the full Chargeback and Section 75 guides.

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It's not easy to get up-to-date rates for rocking up to the airport and changing your cash there and then. So we've done some research and worked out the average rate mark-ups - in other words, how much worse the rate is likely to be if you get your money this way, including estimated commission charges. We called every airport bureau to get its rates for the most popular currencies on a particular day.

These were euros, US dollars and Turkish lira. Compare euro exchange rates from the leading travel money providers. Buy online, choose for free home delivery and make your money stretch that bit further whilst abroad. The euro exchange rate changes every day, and will also differ between currency exchange providers. By using our comparison table to buy before you fly, you could make some great savings and ensure you get the best deal on your holiday money.

Airports offer a notoriously poor exchange rate at their counters to walk-up customers. While the airport may be convenient, you could be losing out if you use this service. All these offers mean is that you will not pay an additional fee on top of your currency exchange. However, the travel money company needs to make a profit and cover its overheads somehow, and they will simply give you a lower exchange rate instead.

Features and benefits

At Best Euro Exchange Rate, we ensure that all travel money providers we use offer secure transactions and total peace of mind when purchasing your holiday money. There are many scam websites online today that will simply take your money and give you nothing in return. By using our simple-to-use comparison table, you can be sure that the company you use offers a secure website and is regulated by the relevant financial authorities.

The great thing about ordering your money online is the convenience. Most holiday money providers offer the option of free delivery or store pickup.

When comparing euro travel money, take into account both the exchange rate and any fees added on top for delivery. Using our comparison table, it is easy to find travel currency exchange companies offering both a great exchange rate and free delivery or pickup. Whether you have booked a last minute trip or you have left it until the last moment to purchase your travel money, never fear!

Many currency exchange companies offer fast delivery and can also make your currency available at the airport. For example, at the time of writing, TravelEx is offering a four-hour pick-up service. Simply order online and specify which airport you would like to collect from. Exchange rates change second by second and can be affected by many different factors. Natural disasters, presidential elections and declarations of war can all have a big impact on rates going up or down. Best Euro Exchange Rate brings you the latest exchange rates on euros and gives you a simple, convenient and accurate way to track down the best deals.

We check the latest rates with many different currency exchange bureaus, including dedicated travel money bureaus, banks and high street stores. Whether you are taking a short trip or an around-the-world voyage, we make it easier than ever to get the best deal on your travel money. Most currency exchange companies offer a range of ways to exchange your euros. Prepaid cards are loaded with the currency of your choosing and can be used wherever ATM or debit cards can be used. Simply load up the card before you travel and you are good to go.